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Other Assistance Sources

When you are in need of emergency financial assistance, you will want to try anything to keep a roof over your head, keep the lights on, or make sure you can get the medicine your family needs. Unfortunately, your time of need can make you a target for identity theft, fraud, or illegal bribes. Make sure you know how to protect yourself and your family so that you get real help and don't become a victim. 

Follow These 3 Tips When Accessing 3rd Party Assistance:

  1. Protect your Personal Information. You should never provide personal information such as your address, social security information, phone number, or bank account to an unsolicited caller. Most reputable assistance organizations will not ask for your bank account info or request a bank statement. 
  2. Make sure the Assistance Program is Trustworthy. Unfortunately there are people who prey on those in desperate circumstances. Making sure you trust the organization can help you avoid getting into further financial trouble. Some tips to know if they are reputable are "Does your Chapter of HTC recommend them? Do you know another family who has successfully received assistance from them?
  3. Know when Assistance is Illegal. Some forms of assistance is actually an illegal "kickback" that can land you in jail for accepting. All legal assistance should be offered by a neutral organization and should never require you to go to a certain provider or product. If someone offers to pay your rent, give you cash, or even take you out to dinner if you switch to their service - don't accept the illegal gift, and inform your Chapter or HTC immediately. 

There are many safe options for financial assistance outside of the Nevada Chapter's Assistance Program. See below for a list of trustworthy sources that can help you in a time of need. If you are unsure, you can always contact us at 702-564-4368 for help navigating assistance options.