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Playcation Family Fun Event

With just a little imagination, any where can be a Playcation!

Thursday, June 16th - Saturday, June 18th




What is play? 

amusement · entertainment · education · community · recreation · healing · enjoyment · diversion · fun & games · playfulness · problem solving · adaptability · resiliency · connection

Playcation is a three-day event,

yet you can choose how you want to play.

We chose to spread the fun around our dear Nevada, coordinating in-person meet-ups in both Las Vegas and Reno locations simultaneously, as well as the evening virtual sessions for all families to gather on-line and play together no matter where in Nevada they may be.

We have an amazing line-up of activities and meet-ups planned for your summer Playcation!

*All in-person sessions will have a Reno and Las Vegas area location.

THURSDAY JUNE 16 Day 1 (11am - 1pm, in-person) Parking Lot Take-over Tie-Dye, Ice Cream Social

  • Reno (HTC)
  • Las Vegas (NV Chapter)

This will be our wonderful kick-off event, where we’ll add some color to our event t-shirts by enjoying the creative art of tie-dye. And who doesn’t deserve a cool treat on a summer day. Along with our colorful activity, we’ll enjoy an ice cream social with some community building and getting to know you fun and games.

THURSDAY JUNE 16 Day 1 (6pm-8pm virtual) Escapely, Virtual Escape Room

In the evening, we’ll log on for some virtual fun while your escape room hosts break participants into teams to follow a trail of clues, collaborate with your team to solve puzzles, crack codes, and find a way to escape the desert island.

FRIDAY JUNE 17 Day 2 (11am - 1pm, in-person) Bowl-a-thon

  • Reno/Sparks (Coconut Bowl)
  • Boulder City (Boulder Bowl)

We hear that bowling is a favorite NV Chapter pastime. Why not make it a little more interesting with some fun challenges, prizes, DIY fundraising, and pizza!

FRIDAY JUNE 17 Day 2 (6pm - 8pm, virtual) Body Crayon ABC’s Anatomy Fun

Let’s get creative while learning with our friends from Optum as we identify important joints and muscles. With mess-free body crayons, everyone can get in on the action to have a better understanding about how our body works; from joint bleeds, how they affect the way the body normally works, and how “target joints” form. 

SATURDAY JUNE 18 Day 3 (10am - 12pm) In-door Rock Climbing Center

  • Downtown Reno (Basecamp at Whitney Peak Hotel)
  • Las Vegas (Red Rock Indoor Climbing Center)

Did you know that indoor rock climbing can be an enjoyable and healthy exercise for everyone, even people with bleeding disorders? Indoor climbing is a safe alternative to outdoor rock climbing, ranks as level 2, or moderate-risk in NHF’s “Playing It Safe: Bleeding Disorders, Sports and Exercise,” publication. Thanks to the hosts of our Reno and Las Vegas gyms, our families will have the opportunity to have fun and overcome some perceived limitations with the skilled guidance, instruction, and supervision. We suggest parents use their discretion when choosing this session, yet there are levels of participation at any event, including cheering on your fellow Playcationeers!

SATURDAY JUNE 18 Day 3 (6pm, virtual) Wacky Disco Bingo Trivia Party by GutMonkey

Our event closing, and final virtual evening is brought to you by those GutMonkeys who really know how to throw a party. A non-stop interactive, keep you on your toes, where it lands nobody knows, but likely on your feet, as you are challenged to share your most innovative dance moves, and show who knows what in all things trivia from pop-culture to bleeding disorders 101.

*More details about times and locations are available in the registration form so families can choose what best works for their schedule at their Reno or Las Vegas resident locations

WHAT TO EXPECT: The evening before each event day, the primary contact will receive an email from our Chapter Team. They will get links to the virtual sessions, directions to in-person locations, and expectations for any of the virtual or in-person sessions that they selected in their registration. All active family member participants each will receive a Playcation t-shirt to tie-dye, specially designed deck of playing cards, and lots of little extras, plus fun independent daily challenges for the entire family to encourage and engage in play. Don't forget, we love to learn from you too, so be prepared to show your favorite way to play. GROWNUPS TOO!

Each virtual evening session, along with our incredible line-up of host activities, we will also include time for families to connect, share in their play-day experience, we'll showcase families, and announce winners of daily challenges. The virtual component is highly recommended to fully immerse in the entire Playcation experience.

We are so excited to have your family join us this June as we look forward to connecting, exploring, and having that much deserved, and well needed, Playcation.

If you would like more information about Playcation, please contact Danielle Bell, Program Manager at dbell@hemophilia.org


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